Quotes for selfies on Instagram

Quotes for selfies

Welcome to the world of selfies. Taking selfies has become so common in today’s world that everyone is seen taking selfies on their smartphones. These days, Th smartphones are also launched with special Selfie features and Mega pixel clarity options so that the Selfie lovers can buy their devices viewing the specifications of the front camera.

Earlier, people used to use Digi Cams, camera and many other options for taking pictures. If there are two people wishing to go for a picture, one has to adjust with taking picture and the other one has to pose and vice versa or the other option would be ask for help nearby for taking clicks.

People would not mind also earlier for taking others pictures but today, in this busy world there is no time for anything and people are seen running in a race of life.

Quotes for selfies

Then came the option of high specification camera in the smartphones where in people were seen taking pictures from the phone. Till then, taking Selfie wasn’t an option as front camera was not invented. Slowly, the need of carrying camera’s and other picture clicking devices went away and people were seen enjoying with smartphone cameras and taking pictures. There was no option of front camera.

Then the smartphones were designed with front camera options that would lead people to go for video calling options and taking selfies. It all begun from here and people were seen crazily taking pictures on their smartphones using the most of the front camera.

It’s common these days that people tend to upload picks on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snap chat and many other social networking sites and share their doings and happenings with their friends. Taking selfies and sharing them on social networking sites has become so trendy these days that people are very much addicted to it. It’s in a way fun also.

Meaning of Selfie in technical terms:

To define “Selfie” in technical words,” A Selfie Is a self-portrait photograph, typically taken with the smartphone camera option held in the hand or supported by a Selfie stick.” In short, the self-clicking pictures in said to be called “Selfie”.

People hold the smartphone in one hand, stretch their hands to get a nice close up and then adjust with directions and start clicking selfies. There are several ways of adjusting the angel of your smartphone and you can click Selfie in any way you want to.

If you want a nice close up, then adjust the camera by holding it little far from your face and click pictures. If you want a half side clicked picture of you, then hold the camera more far in upwards direction to get the nice sight. One can click numerous selfies at a go.

People struggle a lot to get that one right picture that they immediately upload on the social networking sites. You can also edit the image with several editing option in the smartphone and make the picture more attractive and appealing.


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